We are opening a new

Preschool & Childcare Center!


                                           We are thrilled to offer quality, affordable

                                    preschool and childcare to the Morningside area!

Now enrolling children ages 2 years through 5 years! 

Preschool & Childcare Center

Located at 6100 Morningside Avenue


Crittenton Center's Signature Fundraiser raised $84,000!

The Siouxland community was incredibly generous and supportive of the event which helps fund childcare and preschool programs, the only emergency youth shelter in NW Iowa, parenting education and a supervised  apartment living program which is a foster program for teens.


African American young girl looking at camera

Comfort for Young Children

Sara found herself alone raising four-year-old, Maribel, after her husband and father of Maribel abandoned them. She struggled to make ends meet and worked hard at staying employed. Sara knew it was important for Maribel, who was not reaching her development milestones, not talking, and being mean to other children, to have an environment where she could thrive. Because Maribel needed to learn appropriate behaviors and Mom needed to continue to work, Crittenton Center was able to provide a scholarship for the family to help pay for Maribel’s childcare. Sara stayed employed and was promoted at her job.


Stella Sanford Child Development

Affordable preschool and childcare
for children - birth to age 6

We provide access to infant care, quality early learning experiences, preschool and kindergarten readiness in a safe, caring and nurturing environment for children to grow. A sliding scale fee is used to determine pricing for childcare and preschool with tuition support available.

Emergency Shelter &
Youth Development Center

A safe place for children,
birth to age 17

We provide shelter, crisis intervention and care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to children in crisis. Some kids stay one night, others stay for months. Early intervention and treatment can help children and teens stay in school, stay out of trouble, and lead healthier, happier lives.

Family Development,
Education & Support Services

Parenting services to
strengthen families

We provide lasting generational change through parent education classes, family advocates, and individualized home visits so they can be the best parents to their children. Families work as a team with Crittenton Center’s compassionate staff to anticipate future needs and plan for a brighter future through our HOPES Program and our Resource Center.

Homelessness Prevention

Independent Living Programs. More than a roof over their heads… a ray of hope.

Supervised Apartment Living (SAL) is a foster care program for teens ages 16½ until completion of their high school diploma/High School Equivalency Test (HiSet) where they learn life skills to help them achieve their personal goals. Project Help is a HUD-Funded Permanent Supportive Housing Program for chronically homeless individuals and families with a disability who have the chance to live independently. 

Free for Parents and Caregivers

Crittenton Center’s Resource Center offers short-term parenting classes

photo of red hair toddler boy att emergency shelter

Imagine the emotional state of two siblings ages three and five….

The police raided their home as their parents were in the process of doing cocaine. Before the police could apprehend the father, he quickly took the drugs. The children witnessed it all and were brought to us with just the clothes on their backs.


We fed and bathed them. After they were given new socks and pajamas, we tucked them into a soft, clean bed. Their peaceful sleep helped give everyone hope for their future.

We had started working with an illiterate, single, pregnant 17 year-old, living with her father.

One day she was called to the hospital because her father was injured at work. Not understanding what was going on, she called her HOPES case worker for support. It was explained to her that her father was not going to recover, and upon her father’s death, she also lost his financial support.


We helped her get the resources needed to keep her moving forward and stay in the program. Today, she has a healthy baby, is involved in her church, and continues to make great strides.

homelessness help sad teenager

Amy had a difficult childhood. Her parents abused drugs and lost custody of her when she was 11 years old.

She lived in shelters, group homes and foster care, but had a difficult time with trust and following rules and bounced from placement to placement. 


At age 17, her DHS worker placed her in SAL.  Amy learned skills such as cooking, budgeting, interviewing, and how to live independently. She quickly got a job at a grocery store and moved into her own apartment. She then completed her high school credits and stayed in touch with her SAL caseworker, who helped her work on getting into college. Amy is now a nurse in the community.

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Crittenton Center Opening New Childcare Center in Morningside

Stella Sanford Child Development programs, through Crittenton Center, is opening a new Preschool & Childcare Center! This Preschool & Childcare Center is located at 6100 Morningside Avenue in Sioux City, Iowa, what Siouxlander’s will remember as the former Siouxland Christian School building. We are now enrolling children ages 2 years through 5 years at this…

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Brittini Alvarez promoted to Emergency Shelter Assistant Director

Brittini Alvarez, will step into the role of Assistant Director of Crittenton Center’s Emergency Shelter. Alvarez will continue her role as a social worker and take on new responsibilities as the Assistant Director. Brittini has been with Crittenton Center for about two and a half years, starting out as a Crisis Intervention Specialist at our…

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Melissa Holsinger promoted to Supervisor of Transitional Programs

Melissa Holsinger was formerly a case worker for the SAL program and Project Help and has now been promoted to Supervisor of Transitional Programs. Melissa joined us at Crittenton Center back in 2010, working with Supervised Apartment Living (SAL), former program Project Life, and current program, Project Help, all of which work toward our goal…

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Katie Bruno promoted to Director of Transitional Programs

Katie Bruno, former Assistant Director of Crittenton Center’s Emergency Shelter, will assume the role of Director of Transitional Programs. Bruno will be responsible for leading the Supervised Apartment Living (SAL) and Project Help programs. Bruno’s first position with Crittenton Center was a Crisis Intervention Specialist and Caseworker at the Emergency Shelter back in 2017. She…

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Bridgid Strait promoted to Director of Education

Bridgid Strait, former Director of our HOPES (Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success) program has been named Director of Education, responsible for all family education programming within Crittenton Center including the HOPES program and the Resource Center.   Bridgid has been with Crittenton Center for a total of 6 years, starting out at our…

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