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"Crittenton Center provides services and life skills to all children, young adults, and families empowering them to lead quality and self-sufficient lives."





The goal of our website is to give you a good overview of the programs, service and opportunities available here at Crittenton Center.

Our organization was founded in 1895 and has pioneered services to children and families in need in the Siouxland area for over 100 years. Crittenton Center strives to strengthen and empower youth and families through a wide range of high quality, family focused, child centered and community based programs. There are currently more than 20 programs and services being offered.

While we have tried to make this site comprehensive, there may be information we have not covered. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have and we would be glad to provide you further details.



Lucy & Brian

Lucy found out she was pregnant at only fifteen-years-old.  Just entering adulthood, she didn't know much about babies.  Lucy was really scared and upset when she volunteered to enroll in Crittenton Center's HOPES (Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success) program.

Erin, Lucy's HOPES worker, committed to seeing her every other week during her pregnancy.  Lucy learned about how to have a healthy pregnancy and began setting goals for herself and her baby.

Several times during the next few months Lucy struggled and wanted to quit school and stay home because she thought it would be easier.  Erin kept reminding her of the goals and encouraged her along the way.

When little Brian was born Lucy was so happy.  He is a happy and healthy baby.  Erin continues to monitor Lucy and Brian's progress as a family.  Erin taught Lucy how to bathe Brian.  She also checks to make sure Lucy is taking him to his check-ups and receiving his shots.

Lucy is nearing the end of her second year in the HOPES program and will graduate from high school this Spring.  Lucy is so grateful to have had Erin helping her along the way and reminding her of her ultimate goal, to be able to provide a better life for her and Brian.

"I am thinking about going to college now so Brian and I can have a better future, " commented Lucy.  "Erin tells me that I can do anything I put my mind to.   Without Crittenton Center's HOPES program, I might not have reached my goal of finishing high school and my son would not be as healthy and happy as he is today!"



Christopher arrived at Crittenton Center Shelter for Youth and Development upset and confused.  Christopher is a four-year-old boy with severe autism and he didn't understand the Shelter would be his home for the next four months or why his parents could not care for him or why he had been separated from his brother.

With a patient and nurturing staff to help, Christopher adjusted to his new environment and flourished using more American Sign Language to better communicate with the staff.  Christopher began to smile more and yell less as he learned about his temporary home.

Christopher was not able to return to his home to live with his parents or brother.  But the day soon came when Christopher left the Shelter to live with a family in the community and to be close to where his brother was living.

Now with a loving family and the opportunity to spend time with his brother on a regular basis, Christopher is progressing well in school and at his new home.  The Shelter did its job and got him through a rough patch in his life and on to doing what is most important, living.


Request for Volunteers:

• Painters at our Emergency Shelter: 2-3 hours per week.
• Cleaning assistance at Stella Sanford Child Development Center: 2– 6 individuals on Mondays from 3:30-5:00pm.
• Donation organizer at Crittenton’s Resource Center: sort our donations on a Monday or Friday.
Call (712) 255-4321 ext. 149 if you are interested.


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