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Crittenton CenterJanuary 24, 2024 at 12:49 PM< 1 min read

Honoring former Board President, welcoming 2024

We have a lot of amazing people who partner with us over the years. One of those people is Jeremy Uhl, former President of Crittenton Center's Board of Directors. Jeremy is currently serving in his final term which will result in nine years. Jeremy joined the board in 2015 and has been known by his peers as dedicated, thoughtful and intentional about fulfilling the agency mission. Kim Scorza, CEO, presented Jeremy with a hand-painted art piece from one of our talented kiddos.

As we prepare for another great year of successes and changes, we welcome our 2024 Executive Committee and members of the Board:

Jeff Stanley- President

Deric Redmond- Vice President

Jessica Board- Secretary

Tina Stroud- Treasurer

Jeremy Uhl- Former President

Gail Bernstein

Erin Baird

Mara Skinner

Mari Moreland

Patrice Johnson

Skyler McDermott

Terrie Rasheed