Crittenton Center Re-Opens Former Shelter as Transitional Therapeutic Home

January 1, 2022

Sioux City, IA:  Officials with Crittenton Center are excited to share the re-opening of the Emergency Youth Shelter as the Crittenton Center’s Transitional Therapeutic Home!

Crittenton Center has entered into an agreement with the State of Iowa Department of Human Services to serve youth ages 0-18 needing a safe place to stay in times of family crisis, with a strong emphasis in caring for children in crisis situations such as abuse or neglect.

In April 2021, the Crittenton Center’s Emergency Shelter was closed due to COVID-19 and workforce shortage concerns. Since then, the Crittenton Center Board of Directors and Leadership Team have taken time to hear from clients, employees, donors, and community partners to re-imagine services for children in the Siouxland area needing a safe place to live. Crittenton Center leaders also spent time researching best-practice models of care, training opportunities, and unique staffing options.

“On behalf of Crittenton Center Board of Directors and employees we are so grateful to the Siouxland community for partnering with us to be able to open this Transitional Therapeutic Home. It was through board commitment, words of encouragement, and financial gifts, that caring for children in crisis due to abuse and/or neglect will be made possible. It is truly remarkable to receive such support in making this a reality,” said Kim Scorza, Crittenton Center Executive Director.

Crittenton Center’s newly designed model of care for the Transitional Therapeutic Home will not only meet the needs of the children who need emergency shelter, but the new Transitional Therapeutic Home will also provide a trauma-informed environment for employees where training, support, and supervision will be the corner stones to ensuring a healthy and positive experience for those employed at the home.

It is estimated over 300 children will come through the new Transitional Therapeutic Home in the first year of operation. For more information on how to support this new home through volunteering or financial gifts, please contact Kim Scorza at 712.255.4321.

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