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Shelter & Youth Development

Some kids stay one night, others stay for months

Our shelter is the only one in Northwest Iowa and if room is needed we take in kids from all over the state as well as Nebraska and South Dakota. The shelter serves around 400 annually and averages 24 kids a month. They are here for a variety of reasons including abuse/neglect,family problems, parents are arrested, homes are red tagged,

some lose foster care placement or have ungovernable behavior, and some children are simply left here. Intended as a short-term home for youth ages birth through 17, our center for Shelter and

  • Only shelter in NW Iowa
  • Emergency Shelter for Children ages newborn to 17
  • Serves around 400 annually
  • Average 24 kids a month

Youth Development also provides crisis intervention, family visitation, aftercare case coordination, medical care, and supportive services.

The program utilizes a modified behavior management program and provides situation or crisis counseling to deal with personal problems when necessary. Physical assessments are completed by the agency within 24 hours of placement. Routine medical car, medication dispensing and other medical needs are supervised by the nursing staff, assuring the appropriate medical protocol is followed.

Daily programing includes:
  • Educational tutoring
  • Arts and crafts
  • Recreation and outings
  • Teen group counseling
  • Life skills and social skills classes on topics such as job searches, cooking and health
  • Vision, hearing and dental screening.
  • Behavior rewards

Visits and phone contacts with family are available at the shelter. Personal religious counseling is arranged, upon request, and they may attend the church of their choice.

Transportation is provided or arranged for youth to attend school and to make necessary appointments in the Sioux City area.

Referrals are made to the Shelter by Department of Human Services, Juvenile Court Services, or law enforcement.

Stella Sanford Childcare

Our goal is to provide a quality experience for every student

Stella Sanford Childcare is owned and operated by the Crittenton Center.

At Stella Sanford Childcare, children are exposed to many fun and wonderful things. We follow a blend of Creative Curriculum and High Scope. Through play and planned experiences, teachers provide opportunities for children to “take in” the environment around them. We use the High Scope Child Observation Record, to assess and track the growth of our students throughout the school year.

We pride ourselves in offering a quality childcare program. Our staff are trained in all areas of developmentally appropriate practices. Our teachers are licensed by the State of Iowa to teach in an early childhood setting. We maintain student-to-teacher ratios, well within state guidelines.

It is our goal to provide a well rounded experience for every student in our classrooms. We not only teach “the basics,” but also the extras like social/emotional development, self-help skills and conflict resolution.

Program Activities Involve:
  • use of research based curriculum
  • educational screening
  • daily classroom lesson plans
  • special activities
  • vision, hearing and dental screening
  • finger printing

Liberty Preschool

Our Liberty Preschool takes a holistic family approach to learning.

In collaboration with the Sioux City School District Preschool Initiative, we serve 4 year olds, at two preschool sites within Liberty Elementary.

In all of our programs, the focus is on the child’s social-emotional development. Through play and planned experiences, teachers provide opportunities for children to “take-in” the environment around them. Through an atmosphere of participation and communication, parents are encouraged to involve themselves in their child’s early learning. We believe that providing support in every aspect of the child’s life takes a holistic family approach.

West High Infant Center

We provide a unique program for infant care in Sioux City.

Crittenton’s West High Infant Center opened in August of 2006, to meet the needs of high school students in the Sioux City School District who have children. This unique program provides a way for students/parents to complete their high school education without extra barriers.


In collaboration with West High School, we help eliminate barriers that prevent students/parents from achieving academic success. Our Infant Center serves infants 0-23 months old with a research based curriculum. We chart achieved development milestones for each infant, and work closely with Northwest AEA and make referrals for infants demonstrating developmental delays.


Our staff provides a safe, nurturing environment for our infants and families. We also provide the opportunity for students/parents to participate in their child’s early learning experiences.


We also provide transportation for students/parents and their infants. Infant Center staff and West High staff work closely to establish safe means of transportation to and from school.


We have now opened our infant center to community families and Sioux City School District employees. We are pleased to meet the need for infant care in Sioux City.

Hopes/ Healthy Families

Crittenton # 5 HOPES
The HOPES program can be a life changer.

What is theHOPES/Healthy Families of Iowa program all about? We go into the homes of our participants and

teach everything from coping skills to the proper way to bath a baby.We often find that when a program participantsimply talksto one of our professionals about their problems, it can relieve stress and enhance a parent’s self-worth.Services are provided on a weekly basis at

  • HOPES –(Healthy Opportunities for Families to Experience Success)
  • HOPES programs is offered by 3 community agencies
  • 200 families are served annual
  • Program is accredited by Healthy Families America

the home of participants,and areoffered to pregnant women and new families with social and economic risk factors, limited parenting skills, and barriers to accessing family support services available in their communities.Families eligible for the program are identified by a uniform screening process. Participation is voluntary, and services continue up to age five or when the family has met their goals.

Homeless Prevention

Crittenton # 9 Homeless
More than a roof over their heads…a ray of hope.

Supervised Apartment Living

Our supervised Apartment Living Program is funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services and is designed for homeless 17 year-olds who have not completed their high school diploma or GED. The program allows participants to live independently and includes life skills education,

monitoring and support.Service plans are developed to empower them to achieve their educational and personal goals with the collaboration of the participant, their family, and DHS/JCS worker.

For information on any of these programs contact Monica Rosenthal at:
(712) 255-4321 X131 or