Crittenton Center's Impact

Annually, Crittenton Center and it's programs help over 1,500 individuals with parenting education and resources through our Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES) Program and Resource Center, over 150 children have access to quality childcare and preschool through Stella Sanford Child Development Centers, and more than 40 teens and disabled adults with life-skills and support through our Supervised Apartment Living (SAL) and Project Help programs.

2021 Board of Directors

Crittenton Center has a history of support from some of the most prominent community leaders in our area.

The following members provide invaluable support and guidance to the organization.

Terrie Rasheed, President

Jeremy Uhl, Vice President

Larry Obermeyer, Corporate Secretary

Skye Sample, Corresponding Secretary

Jamie Ahrendt, Treasurer

Terri Curry

Melissa Lanzourakis-Joens

Deric Redmond

Mari Rickard Moreland

Jeff Stanley

Susie Strohbeen

Karleen Waller

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