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Hello Crittenton Center friends,

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is on the news and everyone’s mind, the impact is being felt in our homes and our community. By working together, we will get through this crisis stronger than we were before.


Because of the current situation we have decided to place our 125-day challenge on hold. Please note, that although the activities and celebration are postponed, Crittenton Center is still serving:

  • children at our Emergency Shelter
  • teens in our Life-skills Independent Living program
  • parents through our In-Home Family Education, Support and Resource programs

Many of you have asked how you can help the children and parents we serve. A few ways you can make a difference: 

  • Fill out this form: https://bit.ly/COVID19nonprofitPLEA to ask your lawmakers in your state to consider non-profits in COVID-19 stimulus packages. This takes less than 1-minute to fill out and pertains to museums and non-profits. 
  • Send a card to a child at our Emergency Shelter or a teen in our Life-skills Independent Living program (visitors are not allowed at the Shelter due to the Governor’s order)
  • Purchase a gift card for as little as $10 to a local restaurant - P.S. This is a win-win, a child at the Shelter gets a break from cafeteria meals and it helps a local business

Mail cards &/or gift cards to:                        

     “We Care about Crittenton Kids”

      Crittenton Center PO Box 295

      Sioux City, IA 51102-0295

Thank you and please stay healthy,  

Marian Burnett

Executive Director

125th Celebration & Challenge

Crittenton Center has touched so many lives in its 125 years. To continue doing so for years to come we have announced a special opportunity to raise awareness and funds.

The work we do is challenging, complex, rewarding and long-term but so are the dreams for Crittenton Center’s future. We are honoring the history of Crittenton Center while welcoming the future with a celebration and challenge and we are asking you to join us!

Since the 1890’s, “Flo Crit”, as many know the organization, has been a lifeline to people facing difficult challenges. We’re committed to sheltering, educating and empowering children, individuals and families for years to come.

Elizabeth – a mom, who earned an associate degree in social work and psychology is an unstoppable force who was recognized by the Commissioner of Women’s Rights Advocacy for her resilience and outstanding academic excellence for her work in advancing child welfare in the state of Iowa.

Elizabeth is a survivor and triumphed after being born into a sex ring in NW Iowa. Elizabeth was placed in our Emergency Shelter at the age of three, where she began to heal from the trauma and learn to trust her own two feet.

“Crittenton Center is where I felt love for the first time,” Elizabeth says. “To this day Crittenton Center hold a special place in my heart and I credit them for helping me gain the skills I needed to find safety in a permanent family setting.”

DONATE $125 and ask others to join you! 

GIVE ONLINE by clicking here

HOST YOUR OWN EVENT: Organize a jeans day, bake sale, chili cook-off and more! 

TEXT: GIVE125 to 44321 

VIA FACEBOOK: Donate, share stories of those helped by Crittenton Center and tell others why you’re in! 

CONTACT: Tracy Feathers, 712.255.4321 or tfeathers@crittentoncenter.org

Thank you, your support directly benefits children and families in Siouxland.

If you or someone you know needs our help:

Call 712-255-4321  

We can provide resources, guidance, and connection to our services or those in the community.

Our Impact

Annually, over 200 children ages birth to 17 seek a safe place to stay at our Emergency Shelter, over 1,500 individuals receive parenting education and support through our Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES), Resource Center, 300 children have access to quality childcare and preschool at Stella Sanford Child Development Center, and 43 teens and disabled adults are living independently in our Supervised Apartment Living (SAL) and Project Help programs.

2020 Board of Directors

Crittenton Center has a long history of support from some of the most prominent community leaders in our area.

The following members of the Board of Directors, provide invaluable support and guidance to the organization.

Terrie Rasheed, President

Jeremy Uhl, Vice President

Skye Sample, Secretary

Jamie Ahrendt, Treasurer

Terri Curry

Melissa Lanzourakis-Joens

Larry Obermeyer

Deric Redmond

Kim Stanley

Susie Strohbeen

Dan Tjaden

Karleen Waller


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