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Hopes/ Healthy Families

Crittenton # 5 HOPES
The HOPES program can be a life changer.

What is theHOPES/Healthy Families of Iowa program all about? We go into the homes of our participants and

teach everything from coping skills to the proper way to bath a baby.We often find that when a program participantsimply talksto one of our professionals about their problems, it can relieve stress and enhance a parent’s self-worth.Services are provided on a weekly basis at

  • HOPES –(Healthy Opportunities for Families to Experience Success)
  • HOPES programs is offered by 3 community agencies
  • 200 families are served annual
  • Program is accredited by Healthy Families America

the home of participants,and areoffered to pregnant women and new families with social and economic risk factors, limited parenting skills, and barriers to accessing family support services available in their communities.Families eligible for the program are identified by a uniform screening process. Participation is voluntary, and services continue up to age five or when the family has met their goals.

Homeless Prevention

Crittenton # 9 Homeless
More than a roof over their heads…a ray of hope.

Supervised Apartment Living

Our supervised Apartment Living Program is funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services and is designed for homeless 17 year-olds who have not completed their high school diploma or GED. The program allows participants to live independently and includes life skills education,

monitoring and support.Service plans are developed to empower them to achieve their educational and personal goals with the collaboration of the participant, their family, and DHS/JCS worker.

For information on any of these programs contact Monica Rosenthal at:
(712) 255-4321 X131 or